Dr. Edward (Ted) Manning

Ted Manning is President of Tourisk Inc., an international consulting firm based in Ottawa and providing integrated planning for World Heritage sites and tourism destinations, development of measures of sustainability, and environmental management solutions worldwide.  Dr. Manning has worked in more than 50 countries in the creation and implementation of improved methods for planning environmentally and culturally sensitive areas and reduction of the ecological and social footprint of human activities, particularly tourism. He served as the lead consultant to the international initiative on indicators of sustainable tourism for the UN World Tourism Organization, advisor to World Wildlife Fund programs Cuba and the Caribbean, and international advisor to the UN Industrial Development Organization for its coastal development program in Africa.   He has published 23 books and over 100 articles on sustainable development, tourism and environmental management topics, including serving as lead author for the UN World Tourism Organization Guidebook on Sustainable Development for Tourism Destinations.  He has served as President of the Canadian Association of Geographers, a Director of the Social Science Federation of Canada, and a Governor of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. He is also Adjunct Research Professor in the Geography Department of Carleton University, Associate Director Sustainable Development of the Foundation for International Training and is Chair of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome and an ex-officio member of the International the Club of Rome. . His recent work includes work for UNEP on adapting the Green Economy initiative specifically for application to Small Island Developing States and their tourism sector, work with Sustainable Tourism International on the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s Criteria and Indicators for sustainable destinations and completion of the chapter on Impacts of Cruising for the new book The Business and Management of Ocean Cruises. He has studied risk management for the tourism industry and the means for destinations to manage the impacts and capture opportunities associated with cruise tourism.  He has is also a semi-professional photographer and has been a lecturer on  cruise ships in North America the Caribbean and Latin America providing enrichment lectures on subjects including  destinations, cultural impacts and protection of heritage sites.