Amanda Yankow

Amanda Yankow, Climate Solutions Sales Manager

Climate Solutions Sales Manager

Amanda has been passionate about the environment and traveling since she was a child.  Born the daughter of the flight attendant, she had the gift to see the world starting at a young age.  Her love and curiosity for the world, cultures, experiences, and the planet will never stop, which is why she is proud to be a part of the Sustainable Travel International team.  

Amanda’s professional background has varied from grassroots organizations to multinational corporations in a mix of fields and roles, with sustainability always on her mind.  She used to work for and continues to volunteer for One Earth Film Festival, which puts on an environmental documentary film festival in the Chicagoland area every year in order to educate and ignite change.

Amanda holds two BA degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – one in Psychology and the other in Aviation Human Factors, which meant that she learned how to fly planes while studying why and how to prevent human error.

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