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Gansu Anxi Wind Farm

The Gansu Anxi Wind Farm consists of one hundred and thirty four 750 kWh turbines for a maximum power generation capacity of 100.5 MW when fully operational in the Anxi district of the Gansu province located within the Gobi Desert of the People’s Republic of China. As the turbines rotate the energy flows into the heavily demanded Gansu Grid and Northwest China Grid. Prior to development of Gansu Anxi, the NWCG sourced 75-80% of its power from fuel-fired plants. Annually, the site generates around 230,000 MW of energy. While the project has proven to decrease demand on damaging coal extraction and super damns in the region its operation also contributes to the sustainable development of the local community through job opportunities and increases in local income. Additionally, part of the proceeds generated from clean energy production on site is donated to the “Hope School” program that supports young drop-outs in poverty stricken areas within the country. The Project Design Document can be found here.

This is an emissions reduction project that has been sponsored by Sustainable Travel International

Verification: CDM Gold Standard Crediting Period: 2007 – 2014 Projected Annual Emission Reductions: 225,000