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Costa Rica Grouped Wind Project

This project will develop four wind farms which will provide power for Costa Rica’s electricity grid. Greenhouse gas emissions will be prevented by reducing reliance on fossil-fuel power plants.

Where & Why

Fossil fuels, such as oil, coal, and natural gas, are the world’s primary energy source. However, burning these fuels to generate electricity produces carbon emissions and comes at a cost to the planet. In addition to contributing to climate change, fossil fuel power generation can also lead to poor air quality and water pollution, which can be harmful to ecosystems and human health.

How & Who

This project reduces reliance on fossil fuels and prevents future greenhouse gas emissions by developing four wind farms in Costa Rica’s Guanacaste province. These new wind farms will generate 382,634 MWh of electricity per year which will be transmitted into the country’s national electricity grid. This clean, renewable wind power will supply electricity that would otherwise be generated by fossil-fuel power plants. 

This project will help to reduce approximately 927,100 metric tons of CO2 equivalent over the course of its 10 year lifespan. Training and employment opportunities will be provided during the construction, operation, and maintenance phases of the project. In addition, the local economy may benefit from the predicted rise in tourism to the area. 

Environmental Benefits

  • Mitigates climate change by producing clean energy

Community Benefits

  • Improves air quality
  • Creates local jobs
  • Provides economic benefits from increased tourism

Project Type



Annual CO2 Reduction

92,710 metric tons CO2e

SDGs Supported

Verification Standards

Project Developer

Alisios Holdings S.A.

Project Documents

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