As demand for transparency around the production of goods and services increases, and businesses and organizations are held accountable for their impact, destinations need to be prepared to respond to outside scrutiny around their investment decisions. The United Nations World Tourism Organization, for example, has indicated that monitoring is critical to sustainable management initiatives.

Building on lessons learned from two decades of research and demonstration projects, Sustainable Travel International provides places that depend on tourism with the tools and guidance they need to demonstrate impact. Not only do we provide the guidance on selecting indicators and collecting and analyzing data, but our customized Destination Dashboard is a two-page sustainability snapshot that destinations can share with funders to clearly and accessibly highlight priorities, targets and achievements around sustainability-related projects.

How can tourism destinations clearly report on the impact of their achievements around sustainability?

How do destinations know which indicators to use and how to communicate findings?

Dashboard Indicators

The Destination Dashboard report reflects impact in two categories—people and places:


  • Direct and total employment in tourism by gender
  • Volume of international day and overnight visitors
  • Value of visitor spending in the destination
  • Resident satisfaction with tourism planning
  • Visitor satisfaction with the tourism experience


  • Amount of protected land and marine resources
  • Visitor contributions to protection of land and marine resources
  • Volume of visitation to protected land and marine areas
  • Number of internationally protected sites
  • Percentage of households connected to wastewater treatment  
  • Percentage of total waste recycled  
  • Percentage of renewable energy used/generated