An Integrated Approach: Evaluation, Planning, Monitoring & Promotion

Evaluation & Planning

When working with destinations, we use collective impact, an approach that brings people together to create lasting social change and that has helped to overcome seemingly intractable problems around cultural heritage preservation, community development, environmental protection, and more. It’s proven time and again to be a very effective way of fostering change in destinations that depend on tourism. Learn more about collective impact here.

How it works…

  1. We work with local governments, community leaders, businesses and NGOs to establish a cross-sector stewardship council. All participants must agree to a shared vision for change including a common understanding of the problems, risks and vulnerabilities associated with tourism in their destination. Everyone needs to take ownership of a set of prioritized actions or steps toward improvement.
  2. Our team develops a detailed plan for risk management and tourism development, and then designs specific projects that conserve resources, support the local economy and enhance the visitor experience. All stewardship council participants must agree on the metrics for measuring and reporting on success, using a shared monitoring system and agree to consistently collect data and report on results.
  3. All participants are required to perform activities that reflect their particular area of expertise or that are aligned with their own mandates. Activities must be well-coordinated and reinforce one another. Throughout the planning process, we focus on identifying local change agents and providing them with the guidance and tools they need to continue championing progress beyond the horizon of the particular project.
  4. Encouraging Ongoing Communication: All stakeholders are encouraged to learn to trust one another and gain an appreciation of the common motivation behind their respective efforts. This evolves through regular meetings, a shared vocabulary, support from external facilitators, structured agendas and ongoing participation in the stewardship council. We not only work with destinations to keep open the channels of communication across sectors but to enhance the promotion of their achievements to targeted audiences, helping them to develop a plan for positioning their unique assets, communicating their progress around sustainability and securing brand loyalty.