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As a Travel Better Club member, Sustainable Travel International would like to reward you for your commitment to positively impacting the people and places you visit. In this spirit, we’re partnering with hoteliers, airlines, tour operators, and others to provide you with access to exclusive member benefits. The current member benefits are listed below.

Trailblazers Travel

Tour | Multiple Destinations

Offer: Enjoy $200 off any small group tour on any of Trailblazers Travel’s designated departure small group tours.

Real, authentic and immersive travel experiences

Trailblazers Travel specializes in responsible small group tours and sustainable travel. We work directly with locals in the countries we visit, to create adventures that change the world. We have nine small group tours set for 2018, ranging from safaris in South Africa and celebrating Holi Festival in India to searching for orangutans in Borneo and retracing the centuries old-camel caravan trail in Morocco.

Offer Details:

Trailblazers Travel would like to offer Travel Better Club Members $200 off any small group tour on any of our designated departure small group tours shown here. To redeem, please enter discount code: TRAVELBETTER200. Please note that all pricing includes flights from Sydney which will be removed and discounted if traveling from a different departure city worldwide.

Commitment to Sustainable Tourism:

Our group tours allow you to travel with intent and purpose.  We support the communities we visit by ensuring our tour partners are local, live locally or are creating jobs for locals. We’re committed to making sure that all our interactions with people and animals are positive, non exploitative experiences. Traveling with us gives you the opportunity interact with host communities, understand their lifestyles, encourage the continuation of traditional skills and techniques, and support local livelihoods. We are also committed to giving back on behalf of every person that travels with us. Through our partnership with WaterAid, every small group tour helps supply clean, safe water for two people. In addition, we have given over 45 micro-loans through Kiva, encouraging entrepreneurs in developing countries to lift themselves and their families from the poverty cycle. Learn more here.


Lodging | Primarily Europe

Offer: Enjoy 30% off a membership to list your property on Ecobnb and download a free e-book on sustainable travel in Italy and Europe.

Find your sustainable accommodation

With Ecobnb, you’ll be able to discover and book eco-friendly accommodations all around the world. Accomodations come in all shapes and sizes to suite whatever your travel style is – from green hotels and cozy bed & breakfasts to historic castles, organic farmhouses, and treehouses. For each booking travelers can avoid up to 8 kg of CO2 and 302 liters of water per day!​

Offer Details:

  • Download a copy of the free e-book entitled “Unusual and Green: 10 ideas for the International Year of Sustainable Tourism” which provides ideas, hints and tips for sustainable travel in Italy and Europe.
  • Receive 30% off a PRO or PLUS Membership to list your property on Ecobnb. To join Ecobnb with this discount, you can use the code “PROMO30” starting at this link. For more information, you can send an email to

Commitment to Sustainable Tourism:

Ecobnb is actively working to protect the environment, benefit local culture and heritage, and promote green destinations and eco-friendly accommodations. Ecobnb was named as 1st Runner-Up in the Enterprises category of the UNWTO Awards for Excellence and Innovation in Tourism. The company is 0% CO2 emissions, 100% clean energy, and powers its servers using 100% renewable energy produced on-site. Visit Ecobnb to find your green accommodations 

Nomad Traveler

Travel Gear

Offer: Enjoy 10% off your entire purchase of eco-friendly, socially responsible, and animal-friendly travel gear and accessories.

Travel Gear with a Conscience

Nomad Traveler is an online platform that sells eco-friendly, socially responsible, and animal-friendly travel gear and accessories to help you pack for impact on your global adventures! Nomad Traveler is the first retail e-commerce dedicated to the promotion of ethical and responsible travel gear that is designed for and by the eco-conscious traveler.

Offer Details:

Nomad Traveler is happy to offer Travel Better Club members a 10% discount code off their entire purchase from To redeem this offer, simply enter the discount code ‘’travelbetterclub’’ during online checkout. For more information on Nomad Traveler or this special offer, please contact

Commitment to Sustainable Tourism:

Nomad Traveler’s product offering meets very specific criteria to ensure that the items are eco-friendly, socially responsible, and/or do not contain animal by-products. Nomad Traveler partners with the only eco-friendly fulfillment service in the United States, using only recycled and recyclable materials for packaging, as well as green energy for operations. In addition, Nomad Traveler also offers a carbon neutral shipping option. On top of this, Nomad Traveler also supports tree planting efforts in regions threatened by deforestation and participates in a microfinance program to support small businesses run by refugees or people located in conflict zones.

Alaska Wildland Adventures

Tour | Alaska, United States

Offer: Enjoy $750 off per person on any 2017 departure of the Alaska 9-Day Grand Journey.

Experience the True Character of Alaska

Since 1977, Alaska Wildland Adventures (AWA) has been a leader in small group, big experience nature journeys in Alaska. Join their ‘Alaska 9-Day Grand Journey’ for an adventure that will take you deep inside Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Kenai Fjords National Park and Denali National Park. During this journey, you’ll travel by raft, kayak, canoe, and guided hike, and have the opportunity to see bears, wolves, whales, sea lions, and other wildlife!

Offer Details:

Travel Better members may enjoy $750 off per person on any 2017 departure of the Alaska 9-Day Grand Journey. To redeem, call (800) 334-8730 or email and mention the code: TBAK17. Offer subject to availability and valid for new reservations only; travel agent bookings accepted.

Commitment to Sustainable Tourism:

Alaska Wildland Adventures is proud of their tradition of leave-no-trace exploration of Alaska’s wild lands. AWA operates their wilderness lodges by the strictest ecotourism guidelines and support several environmental conservation groups throughout Alaska annually. Learn more about their environmental commitment here. Alaska Wildland Adventures Logo


Travel Services | Training and Coaching

Offer: Receive 10% off Papilia’s services, including customized cross-cultural leadership and international etiquette training or coaching.

Maximize the Impact of Your Global Interactions

Papilia provides individuals and companies with customized cross-cultural leadership and international etiquette training or coaching. The Papilia team will work with you to design a tailored plan and offer guidance that meets your personal needs. As a traveler, Papilia’s services and tools will empower you to better understand cultural nuances, create more meaningful relationships, and feel confident during your time abroad

Offer Details:

Travel Better Club members are entitled to receive 10% off Papilia’s services. To get started, fill out this initial assessment and Sophia Hyder, Papilia’s Founder and CEO, will contact you for a follow up conversation. Let her know you are a Travel Better Club member, and this special discount will be incorporated into the invoice. For any questions about Papilia’s services or this offer, please contact or visit to learn more.

Commitment to Sustainable Tourism:

Papilia is dedicated to bridging cultural gaps with global business climates through personal development. The concept for Papilia was born out of Sophia’s passion for travel and curiosity to experience cultures of the world in a mindful and responsible way. Every training or coaching session is focused on understanding the local culture so you feel confident and comfortable interacting in any local situation.

Native Tours

Tour | Peru

Offer: Enjoy a 10% discount on any of Native Tours’ excursions.

Inspire the Authentic Wanderer in You

Native Tours is a community-based tour operator offering custom, private journeys throughout Peru. The company’s adventure, nature, culture, and language tours are designed to share the unique cultural and environmental marvels of Peru while positively impacting local communities and natural landscapes. Each journey is private and customizable so that you can discover Peru your own way.

Offer Details:

Native Tours is excited to offer Travel Better Club members a 10% discount on any of their excursions. For additional information on their tours, email or visit

Commitment to Sustainable Tourism:

One of Native Tours’ guiding principles is to positively impact the areas they visit within Peru. They work directly with two communities near Cusco to offer authentic community-based tourism experiences and maximize local economic impact. The company also donates 50% of their profits to support global, regional, and local community-led projects that focus on protecting the environment and improving livelihoods in the places they work. Native Tours also assesses its social and environmental performance against the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s tour operator criteria and indicators through the EarthCheck Evaluate program. For more information on Native Tours’ commitment to sustainability, visit their website.

EcoCircuitos Panama

Tour | Panama

Offer: Enjoy a 10% discount off all of EcoCircuitos’ day tours and multi-day trips.

Authentic, Off-the-beaten-path Experiences in Panama

  EcoCircuitos Panama is a tour operator specializing in tailor-made adventure itineraries and educational programs that support conservation and exemplify sustainable tourism.  Activities include but are not limited to hiking, trekking, surfing, biking, birding, cultural exchanges and experiential education. EcoCircuitos also offers extension programs to other Central American countries through its network of responsible tour operators. For additional information on EcoCircuitos’ tours, contact Annie Young or visit

Offer Details:

EcoCircuitos is offering Travel Better Club members a 10% discount off all of their day tours and multi-day trips. Just mention “Travel Better” at the time of booking. To request detailed itineraries, please contact

Commitment to Sustainable Tourism:

“The core element in all our tours is to keep the environmental impacts to a minimum while at the same time maximizing the benefits to the local host communities” – Annie Young, Founder of EcoCircuitos Panama. EcoCircuitos is proud to be a founding member of the Panamanian Foundation for Sustainable Tourism (APTSO), which promotes sustainability through local tourism.  A percentage of the company’s profits are donated to local organizations that support conservation, education and sustainable development.   More information on EcoCircuitos’ commitment to sustainability, is available on their website.

Ultreya Tours

Tour | Spain

Offer: Enjoy a 3% discount off of any of Ultreya Tours’ 6+ day tour packages on the Camino de Santiago.  

Let yourself be embraced by the unique history, beauty and spirituality of the Camino de Santiago

A tour operator based in Santiago de Compostela, Ultreya Tours offers walking, cycling and horseback riding tours on the Camino de Santiago. A journey to the religious and historical roots of Europe, the Camino de Santiago takes travelers through the beautiful countryside and timeless villages of northwestern Spain towards Santiago de Compostela, the resting place of the Apostle Saint James. Ultreya Tours is committed to supporting Sustainable Travel International’s efforts to inspire more responsible travel and is pleased to reward Travel Better Club members with the following benefit.

Offer Details:

Mention the code RESPECT17 for a 3% discount off of any Ultreya Tours 6+ day tour packages on the Camino de Santiago. For further details on this offer, please contact Ultreya Tours at or visit

Travel Document Systems (TDS)

Travel Services | Visa and Passports

Offer: Receive 20% off passport and visa processing service fees from TDS.  

Travel Document Systems – an elite travel documentation company with a strong commitment to sustainability

For more than 30 years, Travel Document Systems (TDS) has been handling visa and passport processing for US passport holders and US permanent residents. TDS assists with visas, new passports, passport renewals, and second passports. Headquartered in Washington D.C., TDS has six offices in major US cities to meet all of your travel documentation needs. TDS takes sustainability and giving back very seriously and believes in being actively involved. On an international level, the company works with Sustainable Travel International to help fund initiatives like Travel Better.  On a national level, TDS works with grassroots and tourism organizations, volunteering and supporting initiatives to help fund our National Parks and historic sites. At a local level in Washington DC, TDS works with the DC government and the Hirshhorn Museum at the Smithsonian Institution to provide personal growth opportunities for inner city youth and support the arts.

Offer Details:

TDS is pleased to offer Travel Better Club members 20% off their service fees.  Please refer to their website for full details regarding all the visa and passport information, instructions and fees. And please note that TDS cannot discount consular and FedEx fees.

Cayuga Collection

Lodging | Costa Rica & Nicaragua

Offer: Enjoy 10% off your room in the Cayuga Collection’s 8 hotels & lodges in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Offer valid until December 31, 2017.

Travel done differently.  Discover 5-star eco-luxury retreats in Latin America and experience travel the Cayuga Way.

Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality is dedicated to managing and developing small, sustainable luxury hotels, resorts and eco-lodges in Latin America. The Cayuga Collection is made up of eight hotels and lodges in different regions of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Cayuga Collection properties are proof that sustainability and luxury can co-exist. The company believes that the concept of “local” is the key to sustainable hospitality. They demonstrate this every day – positively impacting host communities through educational initiatives, hiring local staff, and purchasing locally when possible.They also strive to protect the ecosystems that surround them by running their operations efficiently and avoiding harm to biodiversity. The Cayuga Collection takes extra care to teach their guests about the local culture, community, and environment, and pass along their commitment to sustainability. They hope to send their guests back home with valuable experiences that inspire them to help make the world a better place.

Offer Details:

All Travel Better members are invited to enjoy 10% off your room in the Cayuga Collection’s 8 hotels & lodges in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Offer valid until December 31, 2017. Please send your booking request to or visit for more information. 


Tour | Mexico

Offer: Enjoy a 5% discount on Totonal’s 3-6 day trips and a 10% discount on their trips that are 7 days or longer.

Totonal, experiences that enlighten  Totonal specializes in offering unique travel experiences throughout central and southeast Mexico that nourish their guests in mind, body, and spirit. The company is dedicated to creating and offering responsible ecotourism, community-based, and family travel experiences that contribute to the sustainable development of rural communities.

Offer Details:

Travel Better Club members are eligible for a 5% discount on 3-6 day trips and a 10% discount on trips that are 7 days or longer.  Visit or email to redeem this special offer and get started crafting your trip to Mexico.

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