Beth Beloff

Beth Beloff is Founder and Principal of Beth Beloff & Associates, a consulting group that develops sustainability strategies and assessment methodologies. She is President of BRIDGES to Sustainability Institute, which she founded in 1997 to develop approaches to support corporate decision-making regarding sustainability. It is currently producing “beyond the Divide,” an innovative multimedia film and stage production bringing together indigenous and international performers and wisdom keepers to offer perspectives on protecting the Earth for future generations. In 2005, Golder Associates acquired the intellectual property of BRIDGES; for three years Beth developed and directed US sustainability practice of Golder Associates while refreshing the vision of BRIDGES. Previously, Beth founded and directed the Institute for Corporate Environmental Management (ICEM) in the business school at the University of Houston. ICEM developed executive development seminars/ workshops on how business could best integrate environmental issues into its core business strategies. She chairs the sustainable supply chain roundtable of major chemical companies working within the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) to address supply chain issues and developed a sustainability statement endorsed by all of the US engingerring societies for the UN’s Rio +20 Conference, to which she was a delegate. She is on the boards of both the Santa Fe Chamber Festival and the Santa Fe Concert Association. She has written extensively on how to develop actionable sustainability strategies. Ms. Beloff is one of the founding directors of Sustainable Travel International and a past chair. Beth has a BA degree from the University of California at Berkeley, a Master of Architecture degree from UCLA, and an MBA from the University of Houston.