Sustainable Travel International

Wet Planet Whitewater

Wet Planet is a leader in service and social responsibility in the commercial rafting industry. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Wet Planet first applied for STEP in 2010, and has raised the bar ever since, educating staff on critical impacts and communicating sustainability initiatives to clients. Wet Planet’s STEP tourism certification was renewed in 2012 after completion of the annual monitoring process.

Sustainability Wins

  • After establishing baseline landfill waste measurements in 2010, Wet Planet surpassed its goal of a 10% reduction in diverted waste, improving from 21.66% in 2011 and to 58.27% in 2012
  • Has become more involved with local businesses improving supply chain management and developing more eco-friendly routes
  • Featured in Gorge Magazine highlighting its leading efforts in sustainability and its STEP certification
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