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United Continental Holdings Sustainability Partnership

Sustainable Travel International and United Continental Holdings have been collaborating on sustainability initiatives since 2008. At the outset of the partnership, Sustainable Travel International developed a new carbon offset program for Continental Airlines, and soon after created one for United. Through this process, we devised an innovative carbon offset methodology designed to exceed industry standards by taking a number of specific flight-related variables into account, including aircraft type, average number of passengers, and the time of year.

When United and Continental merged in 2011, United took the opportunity to revamp its carbon offset methodology. In collaboration with Sustainable Travel International, United improved communications promoting the program to passengers, and developed a new portfolio that helps travelers contribute to high-impact projects designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while providing social and economic benefits to three of the destinations that United serves.

Our partnership with United Airlines also includes participation in the Sustainable Travel Leadership Network (STLN), a unique collaboration centered on the development of global sustainability solutions for the travel and tourism industry. In May 2012, United hosted the STLN Spring Meeting in its LEED-certified office facilities, providing the perfect venue to discuss next-generation sustainability solutions. Participants received a tour of the airline’s state-of-the-art 250,000-square-foot facility at O’Hare Airport, and gained insight into its technical advancements in environmental savings.

To learn more about the innovative carbon offset program built in collaboration with Sustainable Travel International, click here.

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