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Sustainable Tourism Risk Assessment in Turkey, Cape Verde and Tunisia

In 2011, we teamed up with TUI Travel, The Travel Foundation and Intasave Partnership to pilot a methodology that has evolved into our Rapid Sustainable Destination Diagnostic. This approach results in a cost-effective destination risk assessment that allows stakeholders to develop a realistic intervention plan for sustainability. Private sector participants work with other destination decision-makers, including international tour operators and multi-national organizations, to evaluate the health of natural and economic assets, while assessing environmental, social and political impacts.

Read the resulting Risk Assessment Reports.

Hammamet, Tunisia

Sarigerme, Turkey

Project Objectives

  • Develop risk scenarios for each pilot destination (Turkey, Cape Verde and Tunisia)
  • Construct a baseline and indicator tool to gather destination data and information
  • Design a participatory framework for stakeholders to assess and prioritize sustainability risks
  • Manage three successful pilots through data analysis and recommendations
  • Create destination-level interventions to mitigate risks

Project Outcomes

  • Increased stakeholder awareness at each destination with regards to sustainability issues and engagement with the tourism sector
  • A rapid, robust and replicable methodology to access sustainability risk to tourism in destinations
  • A set of pragmatic destination-level interventions designed to mitigate sustainability risk for stakeholders
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