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Oregon Travel Philanthropy Fund

The first statewide program of its kind, the Oregon Travel Philanthropy Fund supports sustainable tourism development by connecting businesses and travelers to projects that improve the natural environment and support local culture, protecting the destination for future generations of visitors.

In partnership with Travel Oregon, Sustainable Travel International defined the mission of the Oregon Travel Philanthropy Fund, identified appropriate projects, promoted the fund, and recruited and educated participating businesses. More than $36,000 has been raised during the two-year pilot period, and distributed to the fund’s project beneficiaries around the state of Oregon.

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Project Objectives

  • Contribute to the welfare of Oregon’s natural and cultural resources
  • Engage key stakeholders in project selection consistent with the Fund’s mission
  • Promote the fund and recruit participants
  • Educate travelers, local businesses, and communities on the importance of giving back and sustainable resource use
  • Collect funds from local businesses and disperse to project managers
  • Maintain financial transparency and accountability
  • Monitor and evaluate project implementation

Project Outcomes

  • Sustainable tourism projects funded in Oregon’s seven regions, focused on natural and cultural resources
  • Volunteers, travelers, and local businesses engaged with community sustainability initiatives
  • Brand value of sustainability reinforced for travelers, local businesses and industry groups
  • More than US$36,000 raised during the two-year pilot period
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