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Öküzgözu Şarapçilik

Turkish wine maker and responsible tourism provider Öküzgözü Şaraplçilik is now certified as a sustainable tourism attraction to the STEP standard. Established in the early 1970s, the attraction is committed to sustainable business practices that produce culturally significant wine indicative of its region while offering guests the opportunity to learn more about and experience the process firsthand. Öküzgözu Şarapçilik succeeded in successfully growing and fermenting the formerly common Foça Farası variety of grape for the first time in 85 years in 2008.

Sustainability Wins

  • New community educational program on “Green Products in Wine Tourism”
  • Established plans for reduction of 2,500 metric tonnes of carbon generated annually through transportation
  • Formulated an employee “Green Team” to monitor success over time, while implementing resource management systems on-site


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