Sustainable Travel International

Northern Kenya: Sustainable Tourism Assessment and Action Plan

In partnership with Kenya’s Northern Rangelands Trust, The Nature Conservancy, and Kenya Wildlife Service, Sustainable Travel International recently began a project focused on the development of an integrated and holistic approach to sustainable tourism development in the Northern Kenya region.

President and CEO Brian Mullis led the project, which began in November, and included an on-site assessment and analysis, plus interviews with key tourism stakeholders from the government, private sector, and civil society. Brian conducted one-on-one interviews and round-table meetings with key leaders, and also evaluated the tourism product offering in the Northern Rangelands Trust communal conservancies. The assessment covered fair trade, branding, marketing, capacity, and tourism policy. The outcome was a set of key recommendations for sustainable tourism planning and development within the 22 conservancies, and an action plan outlining specific strategies to establish Northern Kenya as a leader in community-led eco-tourism.

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