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Namibia: Festival and Events Destination Marketing


The North American Destination Marketing (NADM) campaign is funded by MCA-Namibia on behalf of the Namibia Tourism Board. The project is focused on increasing tourist arrivals from North America, growing the number of operators who sell Namibia and ensuring greater benefit for Namibians engaged in tourism across the country.

One pillar of the NADM campaign, led by Sustainable Travel International, is the Festival and Events Component, which aims to increase quality and recognition of Namibian festivals and events, while attracting North American travelers and telling amazing authentic stories that capture the essence of the destination.


  • Increase the presence of Namibian Festivals and Events as an attraction for the North American market
  • Cultivate Signature Events that become cornerstones of Namibia’s Festival and Event offering
  • Build the capacity of Festival and Event planners in Namibia.
  • Target outreach to the North American travel trade, festival and event planners, and the MICE industry to explore bringing new opportunities to Namibia.


  • In-person strategic planning sessions and capacity building workshops with event planners in Namibia
  • Targeted outreach to travel trade, PR and strategic business networks
  • Event promotion through North American marketing and media channels
  • Development of educational resources for Namibian planners focused on festival and event planning, and the North American traveler
  • Promotion of Namibia as a prime destination for North American event planners
  • Education and awareness raising for North American event planners about Namibia
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