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Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park in Indonesia was initially established to protect the Komodo dragon and its habitat in 1980. Together with Putri Naga Komodo, Komodo National Park works to maintain the biodiversity of the park, both on land and on water. Komodo National Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991.

Tourism is growing rapidly within Komodo Naional Park , increasing pressure on the fragile environment. The Nature Conservancy contracted Sustainable Travel International to design and implement a training program focused on building the capacity of marine shore excursion operators with regards to sustainable tourism best practices, training local assessors and consultants. and developing a long-term strategy for sustainability compastible with the park’s environmental conservation objectives.

Project Objectives

  • Establish a sustainable tourism standard to protect cultural and natural heritage within Komodo National Park
  • Build local capacity to support sustainable tourism development within the private and public sectors
  • Suggest improvements to the Komodo National Park management and policy framework
  • Integrate environmental contracting guidelines into cruise line operating procedures

Project Outcomes

  • Improved strategy for sustainable cruise and marine tourism in Komodo National Park
  • Prepared two leading marine shore operators prepared for certification in STEP: Sustainable Shore Excursion Program
  • Trained seven tourism professionals to provide consulting and auditing services for marine shore operators interested in becoming certified
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