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HI-USA San Diego Point Loma

HI-San Diego Point Loma of Hostelling International USA is committed to sustainable management and reduction of environmental impacts. As one of the initial properties in the Hostelling International-USA Sustainability Monitoring System And Multi-Site Certification, San Diego Point Loma also became the first hostel to achieve Gold-level STEP eco-certification. Set in the middle of a quiet, friendly residential community in San Diego, this comfortable accommodation provides the perfect home base for an exciting adventure or a relaxing escape.

Sustainability Wins include:

  • Offering recycling services to all guests and employees, with a commitment to recycle all glass, plastic, aluminum, and paper for a minimum of 25% of its total waste annually.
  • A purchasing policy that requires replacing all appliances with Energy Star models.
  • Implementing a rainwater harvesting system
  • Promoting bike rental opportunities for guests

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