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Explora Caribe Tours


Explora Caribe Tours offers shore excursion activities that allow guests to experience the unique natural and cultural resources of the Cozumel area. Through the STEP tourism certification process, Explora Caribe has pledged a commitment to help protect Mexicos’ natural and cultural heritage through socially and ecologically responsible business practices and innovative recreational opportunities.

Explora Caribe Tours is the only tour operator in the Mayan Riviera that is currently enrolled in the STEP eco-certification process and is at the forefront of industry standards in the area due to the development and implementation of socially responsible sustainable business practices. Having already received a Bronze STEP eco-certification at its corporate headquarters in Cozumel, Mexico, it is currently working on certifying its operations at all other ports.

Sustainability Wins

  • New Save The Turtle tour which allows tourists to assist the local natural community and protect fragile nesting sites in partnership with Cozumel’s ecology department
  • Health and safety training provided to all staff member
  • Compliance with Natural Reserve and Marine Park policies and regulations

Sustainability Goals

  • Creation of a Green Revolving Fund
  • New company goal to increase eco-friendly purchases by 25% and decrease the volume of solid wastes going to landfills by 15% in 2013
  • Creation and implementation of energy demand management strategies and alternative renewable energy sources

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