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European Indicators for Sustainable Destinations

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The University of Surrey, in collaboration with Sustainable Travel International and The INTASAVE Partnership, have been engaged by the European Commission to complete a ground-breaking project finalizing and testing the European Tourism Indicator System for the sustainable management of destinations.

The aim of this initiative is to provide tourism destination stakeholders and, in particular, Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) across Europe with a tested, improved and easy to use toolkit and system of indicators with which they can assess, monitor and manage the sustainability of their tourism destinations.

The European Tourism Indicator System is a key element of the work of the European Commission to promote an internationally competitive industry and to enhance the sustainability of destinations across Europe.

The European Commission aims to move towards more comprehensive, inclusive and sustainable ways of working, by providing a system for local, national and regional authorities to use, on a voluntary basis, which will add value to the European tourism experience.

The long term aim is that it will serve as a guide to policy makers and other destination stakeholders, to maximize the benefits derived from using the European Tourism Indicator System.

Sustainable Travel International brings extensive experience with sustainable tourism standards development to this project, supporting the European Commission’s efforts toward the development of a standardized and comprehensive methodology for monitoring sustainable tourism.

Sustainable Travel International and partners developed:

  • Case studies of indicator models from around the world
  • Toolkit for European system of indicators
  • Interactive database to analyze and interpret results
  • One-day conference in February 2013 designed for stakeholders interested in learning how to implement the indicator system
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