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Ethiopia Traveler’s Philanthropy Fund

The Ethiopian Sustainable Tourism Alliance (ESTA) and Sustainable Travel International have created the Ethiopia Travelers’ Philanthropy Fund (ETPF) so that visitors may give back in a meaningful fashion. Through the ETPF, tourists will make secure donations to help Ethiopian communities generate income and conserve their environment. These donations are integrated into authentic and interactive Ethiopian travel experiences.

Project Objectives

  • Connect travelers with local companies and NGO projects that give back to the community
  • Collect donations to plant seedlings and later water and maintain the tree that grows from it
  • Stem deforestation through increasing use of energy-saving stoves
  • Establish and expand sustainability through giving that addresses local needs

Project Outcomes

  • Increased positive tourism impact on local community and environment
  • Partnered with local NGO Konso Development Association, allowing tourists to donate and then plant a tree in a degraded area
  • Partnered with Sustainable Environment and Development Action (SEDA), taking visitors by boat to the historic Tulu Gudo Island, where they can donate and observe the use of energy-saving stoves
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