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AllTrips is a series of online travel guides connecting people to outdoor destinations. They believe that travel-planning can be as fun as the trip itself. Helping over 1 million visitors plan their travel without paper in 2013 alone, AllTrips promotes responsible travel to protect and improve the characteristics that make outdoor destinations great.

Through its involvement in the STEP eco-certification process, AllTrips has furthered its commitment to building authentic travel guides, to sharing lessons learned, and to helping protect and sustain destinations. The AllTrips staff understands the importance of knowledge and education for destination stewardship.

Sustainability Wins

  • Encouraged telecommuting to decrease employee travel and its emissions by 32% (2011-2013)
  • Decreased energy consumption by 19% (2012-2013)
  • Diverted 90% of waste from landfill (2011-2013)

Sustainability Goals

  • Develop a stronger approach for tracking water consumption
  • Develop a stronger approach for tracking energy consumption by shared servers
  • Develop a more effective communication strategy to promote and celebrate ongoing activities related to reducing impact and preserving destinations

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