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Education and Training Programs

As part of our non-profit mandate, Sustainable Travel International offers extensive education and training programs around the world, both online and in-person.

Our customized programs cover a range of topics for varied audiences, from engaging webinars to professional certification programs.

Partners In Education: As global thought leaders in sustainable tourism, we bring our expertise to the industry in a variety of ways. We’ll host webinars for your organization, bring expert guest speakers to your conferences, customize workshops for you or build educational curriculum that benefits your constituents.

Sustainable Tourism Professionals Training Program: Our curriculum and courses give tourism professionals, destinations, and educational institutions of all experience levels an overview of sustainable tourism, and an understanding of how to apply it to their roles on a daily basis.

STEP Assessor and Consultant Training: Our Assessor and Consultant training workshops are designed for travel, tourism, and environmental management professionals who are ready to broaden their knowledge and skills in the field, while learning all about our STEP program.

STEP Industry Training: Our STEP training workshops are designed for travel and tourism professionals who want to learn how to prioritize, measure, manage, and monitor their environmental, socio-cultural and economic impacts, while preparing for STEP certification.


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