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Travel Philanthropy

Connecting Businesses and Travelers to Your Destination’s Future

An innovative way to engage local businesses and their visitors in your destination’s future, Travel Philanthropy is a simple method to collect small donations from guests before or during their visit. Taking advantage of trends in microfinance, this approach raises money for local sustainability initiatives. Funds are collected on behalf of carefully selected projects in your community, all of which help your destination enhance its unique identity, and thrive for generations to come.

This approach clearly demonstrates social responsibility, while increasing visitor loyalty and engagement as Travel Philanthropy is integrated into your core Sustainability Story.

Sustainable Travel International works closely with destination managers and tourism businesses to implement Travel Philanthropy programs, developing funding mechanisms and engaging stakeholders, while vetting sustainability partners and projects, and helping to disburse funds, measure and monitor the impacts, and report on the tangible results.

Develop a Travelers' Philanthropy Project:

Project Aggregation and Vetting

  • An integrated system to select appropriate projects to fund
  • To ensure that reputable, respected organizations receive funds to continue their good work

Branding and Marketing

  • Strategic marketing plan targeted at tourism businesses and travelers
  • To encourage the business community and travelers to engage in a giving back program, generate brand loyalty, and cultivate repeat visitors

Education and Training

  • Training sessions and educational materials to increase uptake of local businesses
  • To increase support and ensure long-term success

Program Outreach

  • Strategic outreach plan which includes marketing, PR and training for your team in outreach tactics
  • To assist in reaching critical mass within the travel trade and meeting donations goals; generate positive buzz for your brand

Project Evaluation

  • Report on project outcomes and goals
  • To maintain transparency and share results with key stakeholders

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