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Sustainable Destination Indicator Monitoring

Indicator development and monitoring are essential components of sustainable destination initiatives, supporting quality long-term management.

Sustainable Travel International partners with destinations to identify, develop, and prioritize a clear set of internationally recognized indicators that address the destination’s sustainability challenges and support their aspirations. Indicators may be drawn from international standards, but respond to place-based concerns and resident needs.

Our global expertise helps stakeholder working groups establish targets and benchmarks in order to compare their performance with international standards. Tracking results against targets sends clear flags to destination managers about needed action.

Knowledge management tools like online manuals and databases then assist decision-makers to identify trends, analyze results, and make better policy decisions. We help train destination managers in data collection, analysis, and usage. Our expertise in this area has been recognized by organizations like the European Commission and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

This logical and adaptive approach to the development and use of indicators facilitates collaborative stakeholder engagement, and results in more thoughtful tourism plans and project designs.

Indicator monitoring systems also enable our destination management organization partners to analyze the ever-shifting relationship between objectives and outcomes, ensuring strategies are easily adapted to changing circumstances.

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