Sustainable Destination Leadership Network


The Sustainable Destination Leadership Network (SDLN) is the first global collaboration of its kind. The network is designed to facilitate peer learning and information exchange. Participants work together to tackle salient challenges and embed sustainability into their policies, strategies, marketing, and day-to-day management of their destinations.

An Introduction to the Sustainable Destination Leadership Network


Why You Should Get Involved

The SDLN exists to help participating destinations establish leadership in the marketplace through sustainability. It  is a place for leaders to connect, offering destination partners a seat at the center of the sustainable tourism community.

Benefits include:

  • Exclusive access to cutting-edge research
  • Interaction with experts from inside and outside the industry
  • Meaningful dialogue and collaboration with destinations worldwide
  • Global marketing efforts focused on thought leadership and the advancement of common goals

Participating destinations complete a Destination Sustainability Self-Assessment Survey annually and share good practices with other SDLN destination partners, while demonstrating, facilitating, and influencing measurable progress toward sustainability outcomes over time.

Joining the SDLN

The SDLN is open to all tourism destinations. The SDLN includes senior-level executives and practitioners from tourism administrations, including: Ministries of Tourism, Tourism Boards, Visitors and Convention Bureaus, Destination Management Organizations, local and regional public authorities, and tourism sector member and marketing associations representing a destination.

Destination Partners

  • Mt Huangshan Administrative Committee's logo
  • Travel Oregon's logo
  • Travel Portland's logo
  • Innovation Norway's logo
  • St. Kitts & Nevis's logo
  • Los Lagos Region, Chile's logo
  • Lanzarote's logo
  • Mara Naboisho Conservancy's logo
  • Colorado Tourism Office's logo

Collaborating Partners

  • Mercury CSC's logo
  • Global Sustainable Tourism Council's logo
  • ICTP's logo


Participating Destination

1 Year Commitment
  • US$4,500/year for State, Provincial, National and Regional tourism organizations
  • US$3,500/year for Municipalities, Community tourism organizations, and protected areas
1 Year Commitment Bundle Package including
  • US$8,000/year for State, Provincial, National and Regional tourism organizations
  • US$6,000/year for Municipalities, Community tourism organizations, and protected areas

Destinations pay an annual fee to receive SDLN Network Benefits.  All new voting destination partners will be required to sign the SDLN’s Destination Sustainability Commitment Statement.  Non-destination stakeholders may participate as “NGO, Academic and Private Sector” partners.  Participation as an “NGO, Academic and Private Sector” partner is by invitation only and will be considered upon a recommendation from destination partners. Industry and Corporate Sponsorships are also available.

Overview of Network Benefits

PARTNER with other destinations and travel companies to PROMOTE the collective profile of all participating brands and RESPOND to sustainability challenges.
  • Destinations which participate in the SDLN will have opportunities to collaboratively promote their sustainability initiatives and enhance the credibility of their brand, take advantage of cross promotional opportunities with the Sustainable Travel Leadership Network, and work together to address shared priorities.
CONNECT with peers around the world through professionally facilitated forums and networking events.  Become more effective advocates for a sustainability agenda, with support from peers who understand your challenges and know how to be change agents.
  • Annual Sustainable Destinations World Forum** – Unparalleled networking opportunities for leaders from destination organizations to share good practices, while gaining insights and broader perspectives from inside and outside the industry
  • Competitive Advantage Marketing – hosted annual event and press conference at WTM, ITB, or a similar high profile travel & tourism event to communicate collective SDLN commitments and participating destinations’ initiatives
ACCESS the latest strategies, tools and good practices for sustainable destination management.
  • Webinars hosted by experts from inside and outside the industry, who will discuss leadership in sustainability, how to make it practical and actionable, and how to communicate the value of sustainability initiatives with greater clarity and authority
  • Annual briefing and research on destination sustainability issues and trends
LEAD by enhancing competitiveness through leadership in destination sustainability.
  • The Destination Sustainability Commitment Statement and SDLN logo, which can be used to communicate your commitment to the travel trade, travelers and media
  • Accurately and comparatively assess your destination’s performance utilizing the Destination Sustainability Self-Assessment Survey
  • Up to three members of the destination’s team can participate in the network, providing increased access to knowledge resources and information, while facilitating greater engagement among peers
COMMUNICATE your sustainability story through cooperative communication and marketing efforts, and using our on-line forum.
  • Sustainable Travel International will actively market and promote SDLN partner destinations and their good practices through its global marketing and media outlets, helping to add legitimacy and credibility to each destination’s sustainability initiatives and the network as a whole.
  • SDLN LinkedIn Group, a moderated on-line forum connecting peers to peers through discussion, networking, and access to knowledge resources.
** The Sustainable Destinations World Forum is also open to senior-level executives and practitioners from destinations who are not SDLN participants. Registration fee is $1,500 per person.

Supporting the SDLN

  • Industry Supporter. Adopt a destination by providing 50/50 matching funds for a destination partner.
  • Corporate Supporter We offer a variety of sponsorship packages with customizable benefits for $5,000, $10,000, and $25,000.