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STEP: Monitoring for Destinations and Businesses

Destinations understand that the performance of their local tourism industry influences their destination’s image and product longevity. Businesses understand the importance of the quality of their service or product, the efficient management of resources, and their corporate responsibility.

Our pioneering business-centric approach to sustainability monitoring tackles challenges at both the destination and business level.  It is collaborative in nature and designed to bring about tangible results by asking the right questions, identifying and implementing realistic solutions, and building systems that integrate with your operations to ensure long-term success.

The STEP SMS Monitoring program offers two approaches to implement long term sustainability management solutions: SMS for Destinations and SMS for Businesses. Both programs include:

  • the globally recognized STEP Standard, or customized standard, that incorporates destination-specific best practices and criteria

  • cloud-based technology to host the standard and innovative toolkit for tourism businesses in a destination to assess, monitor, and report on key sustainability indicators

  • training for program administrators and destination businesses


STEP SMS for Destinations is a sustainability management, monitoring, and verification platform for destination managers to share with local businesses to understand their overall destination impacts.

STEP SMS for Businesses is a solution for sustainability management across multiple operations, properties, and subcontractors to better understand the impacts of an organization’s supply line.

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