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STEP: Multi Site Operations and Destinations

Leading–edge travel and tourism businesses understand that long-term success requires them to be stewards of the destinations they serve, while communicating how their actions make a difference to engage stakeholders and inspire brand loyalty.

Though businesses are interested in improving their current sustainability performance, the path forward is loaded with challenges. These include limited financial and human resources, lack of subject matter expertise, scarcity of information, and lack of systems to verify efforts.

At Sustainable Travel International, sustainability management systems are among our core competencies, based on 10-plus years of industry experience and expertise. Our solutions are globally recognized as best-in-class by companies such as United Continental Holdings, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and Hostelling International.

Our sustainability management system solutions help businesses to:

  • Understand, monitor, report on, and improve performance across key sustainability indicators
  • Develop a clear set of sustainability priorities to guide strategy and resource decisions moving forward
  • Verify sustainability achievements to date, while shining a light on historical efforts and future accomplishments in order to galvanize the brand and increase market demand
  • Increase credibility and demonstrate global leadership through official international recognition and certification of sustainability performance.
  • Build organizational capacity and maximize return on investment.

Situation Analysis and Action Planning

We’ll start by developing an in-depth understanding of your operations, sustainability performance, key indicators, and priorities. Then we’ll work with your team to develop a comprehensive Action Plan designed to address identified priorities, and establish a road map for success moving forward.

Sustainability Management System

We’ll design and implement a new sustainability management system for the company to use going forward. This system will allow the organization to collect data across multiple locations, to complete a baseline assessment of its performance across key sustainable tourism indicators, and to prepare for eco-certification.

Sustainability Plan and Eco-Certification

We’ll help you to develop and refine your sustainability plan while preparing for a globally recognized eco-certification to the STEP standard.

Sustainability Report and Marketing Action Agenda

Our team can support the creation or improvement of your sustainability report, as well as the development of an Action Agenda for marketing and communications.

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