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Low Carbon Tourism Planning and Development

Improving resilience to climate change has become a priority for many destinations due to coastal erosion, damage to infrastructure and property, as well as risk to human life and health. Travel and tourism is unique, in that it cross-cuts multiple sectors which impact our climate, including the energy, transportation, water, construction, health, and agricultural sectors. This affords leaders a unique opportunity to address climate change through an intergrated, holistic approach.

Sustainable Travel International helps destinations move toward energy independence by helping them access short- and long-term financing mechanisms, adopt cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, and implement scalable action plans that support low carbon tourism development.

The focus: contextualizing solutions to the destinationā€™s needs, leveraging local, national, and international financing mechanisms to minimize greenhouse gas emissions from the sectors which impact travel and tourism.

Sustainable Travel International offers a broad portfolio of low carbon tourism development solutions:

Energy Audits and Solutions

Sustainable Travel International conducts energy audits across the tourism value chain, while assessing the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory associated with the travel and tourism industry. We can also calculateĀ the potential GHG reductions associated with local renewable energy, energy efficiency and bio-fuel projects, while implementing alternative energy sources within the accommodation, restaurant, tour operator, and transportation sectors.

Financing Localized Clean Energy Projects

Sustainable Travel International works closely with destinations and businesses globally to develop sustainable tourism initiatives that generate these credits, helping to finance localized clean energy projects. Over the past decade, the worldwide effort to tackle climate change has created a huge new market to incentivize actions that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This market, now worth about $143 billion a year, allows companies that reduce GHGs to sell offset credits to large emitters that must reduce their own GHGs.

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