Current Examples of Carbon Offset Projects

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Past Examples of Carbon Offset Projects

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The Sustainable Deployment of the LifeStraw Family in rural Kenya
Tamil Nadu Wind Farm
Hydrologic Ceramic Water Filter Production and Distribution in Cambodia
Bull Run Overseas
Efficient Cookstoves to Mitigate Global Warming and Contribute to Poverty Alleviation in Cambodia
Gansu Anxi Wind Farm
Gyapa Improved Cook-Stoves
Scolel Té
Bandirma Wind Farm
Aliağa Wind Farm
Soma Enerji Elektrik Üretim Wind Farm

How Are Projects Selected?

Before Sustainable Travel International supports an emissions reduction project on behalf of a partner, we complete a thorough due diligence process.

We validate each project through an independent third party, and confirm that the project supports additional benefits outside of carbon reductions, while contributing positive triple bottom line impacts to the community.

To learn more, please see how contributions are used to offset emissions or read our Carbon Offset FAQ.