Carbon Emission and Offset Solutions

We pride ourselves on innovative tools that address the evolving needs of the travel industry. Our next-generation carbon management solutions help businesses work toward their climate commitments, while connecting travelers to a variety of compelling and relevant offset projects.

Building on trends in localized carbon development, our solutions help destinations and businesses galvanize their brands and enhance their corporate social responsibility portfolios.

Emission Inventory and Analysis

An effective emissions inventory is the first step to understanding and managing your impacts. Whether you’re an airline, accommodation, tour operator, or event manager, Sustainable Travel International will help you to identify where your carbon emissions are coming from, and to what extent you are liable for these impacts. You can utilize this information to benchmark data, monitor progress, and report on your success.

Integrated Calculator Solutions

Sustainable Travel International will work with you to seamlessly integrate carbon offsets into your business partner, guest, or customer experience. Options include a stand-alone mechanism, booking path solution, or an opt-in/opt-out program.

Our industry-leading calculator solutions have helped many businesses to increase participation in offset programs, including United Airlines.

Carbon Offset Retirement

Sustainable Travel International helps many businesses to develop a portfolio of independently-verified emission reduction projects. We focus on identifying projects that are relevant to your brand and geographic location.

Additional Opportunities

Sustainable Travel International can also support a variety of other services, including:

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