Carbon Emissions and Offsets

Travel businesses face a multitude of challenges: rising costs, shrinking resources, and increasing pressure to raise the bar on sustainable practices to reduce environmental impacts.

Leading-edge businesses are turning challenge into opportunity. These industry leaders understand that long-term success requires them to be stewards of the destinations they serve, while demonstrating how their actions make a difference in order to engage customers and increase brand loyalty.

At Sustainable Travel International, sustainability management systems are among our core competencies, and our solutions are globally recognized as best-in-class by companies such as United Continental Holdings, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and Hostelling International.

We’ve developed a suite of solutions that help businesses report on their carbon emissions and capitalize on their CSR in bold new ways, ultimately galvanizing the brand and the company’s overall sustainability platform.

Businesses: Carbon Emission and Offset Solutions: Integrated and effective emissions management solution that goes beyond industry best practice and environmental compliance. Report on impacts, support high quality offset projects, and demonstrate your social responsibility.

Destinations: Low Carbon Tourism Planning: Reduce vulnerability and increase resilience to climate change, access short- and long-term financing mechanisms, adopt cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. and implement a scalable action plan that supports low carbon tourism development.

Carbon Offset Portfolio: We support place-based emission reduction projects and provide a portfolio of innovative offset project options. Learn more about our approach, and explore the various initiatives we have supported around the world.