We help destinations move toward energy independence

Low Carbon Tourism Planning and Development

Coastal erosion, property damage and human health risk has made resilience to climate change a high priority for visitor destinations. Because the travel and tourism industry cuts across energy, transportation, water, construction and agriculture, it allows stakeholders from these various sectors to establish a common agenda and holistic approach to problem solving.

We help destinations move toward energy independence by working with them to establish plans based on collective buy-in. We also work with them on educating visitors and local communities, accessing short- and long-term financing, adopting energy-efficient technologies and putting into effect tailored approaches that support low-carbon development.

We also collaborate with destinations and businesses globally to develop initiatives that generate credits for tourism, helping to finance local, clean energy projects. This allows companies that reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to sell offset credits to large emitters, such as airlines, that must reduce their own emissions.

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