10 MILLION BETTER Promotional Toolkit

Spread the word and demonstrate to your audiences that you support 10 MILLION BETTER—that you’re committed to improving lives and protecting places through travel and tourism.

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Example Facebook Messaging

Travel Matters. Know your impact and learn how you can get involved to support lives and protect places today: http://ow.ly/T94Ie #10millionbetter

We support lives and protect places through travel and tourism. Do you? Join us in making a difference: http://ow.ly/T94AD #10millionbetter

Travel is more than a vacation or an adventure—it’s an opportunity to give back to people and places. Join us in improving the lives of 10 million people: http://ow.ly/T94AD #10millionbetter

Travel like the world depends on it. It does. http://ow.ly/T94AD

Travel is everybody’s business. Join us in improving the lives of 10 million people: http://ow.ly/T94AD

In collaboration with Sustainable Travel International, we’ve committed to supporting lives and protecting places through travel and tourism. Join 10 MILLION BETTER. http://ow.ly/T94AD

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Travel can change lives and protect beloved places. Join the movement. http://ow.ly/T94RR #10millionbetter

Every time you take a trip, you have the opportunity to improve someone’s life. Join us. http://ow.ly/T94RR #10millionbetter

Travel matters. Know your impact and get involved today. http://ow.ly/T94P8 #10millionbetter

We are committed to improving the lives of 10 million people in 10 years, are you? http://ow.ly/T94RR #10millionbetter #travelchanges

Travel is everybody’s business. #travelchanges http://ow.ly/T94RR

Travel like the world depends on it. It does. #travelchanges http://ow.ly/T94RR

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Communities in Suriname Tap the Potential of Tourism

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More Information

Important Links

10 MILLION BETTER: http://www.sustainabletravel.org/10-million-better/

Get Involved: http://sustainabletravel.org/get-involved/

Donate: https://sustainabletravel.org/donate/

Facts & Figures

  • One in every 11 jobs around the world is supported by travel and tourism.
  • Travel and tourism represents almost 10% of global GDP.
  • Travel and tourism is growing at an exponential rate – with an expected 3.8% growth annually.
  • More than half of 32,000 travelers in 16 countries around the world surveyed by Booking.com said that they were likely to choose destinations based on their social and environmental impact.



10 MILLION BETTER Presentation

  • Slide01
    10 MILLION BETTER: This is our moment for a movement.
  • Slide02
    Despite its power and reach, travel and tourism isn’t as good as it could be.  Not everyone is benefitting as much as they could.  In many places tourism leads to exclusion, inequality and cultural homogenization.
  • Slide03
    It doesn’t have to be this way. We owe something to the places and people we visit.
  • Slide04
    10 MILLION BETTER is designed take the wonder, amazement and sheer joy of travel and use it to improve lives, protect places and provide visitors with meaningful experiences.  It’s designed to improve the lives of 10 MILLION people in tourism-dependent areas.
  • Slide05
    Hotels are recycling, airlines are offsetting carbon and restaurants are serving locally-grown food. But travel and tourism has not yet collectively rallied around  the cause—not like food, fashion, forestry and other sectors where sustainability has become the business norm.
  • Slide06
    One third of the population is interested in global issues like poverty and climate change. And they shop, share and travel with a conscience. Businesses that  demonstrate their commitment to a better world through travel are staying ahead of the curve. They’re reducing operating costs, increasing efficiencies and attracting visitors.
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  • Slide08
    We are determined to improve the lives of 10 million people over the next ten years so that local communities and economies benefit from visitor spending and are empowered to determine their own path for growth. For businesses, 10 MILLION BETTER is an opportunity to demonstrate a return on investment in sustainability, gain recognition as a purpose-driven company and join a global initiative that is improving lives and protecting places through travel and tourism. For travelers, it’s a chance to protect the people and places they care about and to spread that word that travel can be a path towards.
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    Join 10 MILLION BETTER and be part of the movement to improve the lives of 10 million people around the world.
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